Ranging from things I’ve been maintaining for years to weekend projects.

trms blog & channel

trms is a brand I’ve been maintaining since 2019. It’s my outlet for speaking to the world, about whatever comes to mind. I’ve covered organizing knowledge, technology, productivity, and much more.

I post something new every once in a while. My channel has 3000+ followers, and and I have an email newsletter with 100+ followers.

Fast QR Code Generator

Frustrated with the state of QR generators online, which are either riddled with ads, slow, or bloated with features, one weekend I chose to roll my own.

Just type in your content and the QR will appear instantaneously.

iray design

During my undergrad years I paired up with an artist friend of mine, and we created this ‘micro brand’ which designed and sold accessories such as tote bags. It was fun, and her designs are great.

Gulselsh’s Kitchen

My partner loves cooking, and she wanted a website for her recipes, so I made it for her. We’ve been jointly maintaining it since 2019, together with its brand social media accounts, which now have thousands of followers and have reached hundreds of thousands of people all around the world.